How to Break up With Someone Gently?

Answer It's not working out for you, maybe you like another person and don't want to cheat (Good for you!), or maybe you just can't stand how they use pudding as lotion (Just kidding!) Anyway, things aren... Read More »

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How to Break up With Your Boyfriend Gently in 6th Grade?

Deciding its time to let your boyfriend go? Don't wanna be to hard on him? Here's the article for you!

How do I gently break the news to my 14 month old that it's not necessary TO TOUCH EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING?

Duct tape handcuffs are helpful. Velcro walls are cool too.

How do I gently break the news to my daughter that she was a total and complete mistake?

Meah, just do what all loving parents in the same situation do... send her on a cruise to Europe and book her into finishing school for five years... or until she is old enough to look after hersel... Read More »

How to I break the news gently to my best friend that her kids are hellish brats and not welcome in my home?

I would suggest scare tactics with the children. One visit to your home from a scary clown you hire while they are there and they will never want to come over again.