How to Break in a New Snowmobile Drive Belt?

Answer A snowmobile's belt is a major component of the system and an improperly fitting or worn belt can make for a difficult ride, for the driver and the belt. According to the Gates Corporation, you sho... Read More »

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How to Break in a New Snowmobile Engine?

There's always been a lot of debate on how to properly break in a new snowmobile. Many people will tell you to "ride it as you always would" and it will be fine. If you take their advice you'll be... Read More »

How to Change the Belt on a Polaris Indy Lite Snowmobile?

The track of your Polaris Indy Lite snowmobile, just like any other type of snowmobile, uses a drive belt to turn the track and propel the sled forward. When the drive belt gets old or goes bad it ... Read More »

How old do you have to be to drive a snowmobile?

On public land, road shoulders (where permitted) and trails, state laws govern the minimum age to drive a snowmobile. Most states allow those 12 and older to drive unaccompanied with a helmet and s... Read More »

What is the best type of garage door opener: screw drive, belt drive or chain drive?

I have installed both a screw drive and a chain drive. As previously mentioned, a screw drive delivers more power. It may be required to open a double wide because of the extra weight or a single p... Read More »