How to Break in a New English Saddle?

Answer New saddles, while clean, can be uncomfortable and can affect your equitation during the break-in period. This method of breaking in the saddle works with a little patience.

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How to Put on an English Saddle Properly?

It is important to place a Saddle on a horse properly before riding. English saddles, are fairly simple to learn and easy to use. Here's how to put one on your horse properly!

Who invented the English saddle?

The inventor of the modern English saddle was Italian cavalry officer Capt. Frederico Caprilli (1868 to 1907). He adapted the dressage saddle, on which riders rode with straight legs, and made it m... Read More »

How to Adjust the Stirrups on an English Saddle?

The foot positioned perfectly in the stirrup.Learning how to adjust your stirrups is a vital part of riding. If they are too long, or too short, you begin to lose contact with the horse, and he doe... Read More »

Can you jump in an all-purpose English saddle?

An all-purpose English saddle is designed to give a horseback rider balance for all types of riding. This includes jumping, as well as cross country, dressage, hunter and pleasure riding discipline... Read More »