How to Break in a New Engine?

Answer There's nothing quite like the feeling that comes with buying a new vehicle, except perhaps the trepidation that you'll do something wrong and ruin the new engine. You'll be pleased to learn that t... Read More »

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How to Break in a New Truck Engine?

Break-in periods for vehicles used to be much longer than they are today, often exceeding 1,000 miles. Today, the recommended break-in period for many cars and trucks is 500 miles. Following proper... Read More »

How to Use Synthetic Oil for Engine Break-In?

Although you'll find little argument about the advantages of synthetic oil over non-synthetic oil, using synthetic oil for engine break-in is still a point of contention. The reality is that many c... Read More »

Can I Use 5W30 Oil to Break In a New Engine?

When asked if you can use 5W-30, or any other regular, multiviscosity oil, to break an engine in, you face one of those questions that will always get that most frustrating of answers: "it depends... Read More »

How to Break in a New Snowmobile Engine?

There's always been a lot of debate on how to properly break in a new snowmobile. Many people will tell you to "ride it as you always would" and it will be fine. If you take their advice you'll be... Read More »