How to Break in a Marine Engine?

Answer As is the case with most types of engines, a proper break-in period is important for a new marine engine or boat. If you take the time to break in the engine properly, you can get a much longer and... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between a Marine Engine and an Automobile Engine?

Marine engines are built tougher than automobile engines, and the price shows it. Everything from salt to the workload sets the bar high for marine engines. Although most of the same principles app... Read More »

Marine Engine Vs. Truck Engine?

One of the most common questions a boat mechanic is asked is whether a boat engine can successfully be replaced with a truck engine. There are many differences between marine and truck engines: the... Read More »

Can you break a Marine Corps contract?

It is not likely that you can break it. There are conditions where you might be able to void it prior to attending training. In most cases, if the contract is broken it is because the Marine Corp... Read More »

About Marine Engine Oil?

Although in the past automobile engine oil has been used in boats, the environment in which boats operate requires marine engines to have a specially designed oil.