How to Break an Egg with One Hand?

Answer Professional cooks generally use one hand to break eggs as a means of saving time. However, doing so can also be a fun way to impress friends and family members. With these instructions and a littl... Read More »

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What if you break your right hand what do you do?

Go to the emergency room as soon as possible.

How to break your hand!!?

grab a hammer then slam it as hard as you can. no matter what, breaking your hand will be a really painful experience.

How Do I Break My Hand, Arm, Or Finger?

finger is easiest but you run the risk of messing up a ligament tissue and having a way serious injury. u just snap it to the left or right or drop a 45 pound weight on it.-ouch! as far as arm or w... Read More »

Can you break a bone in your hand if you punch a wall?

Yes you can you can fracture the metacarpals these are the small bones in your hands and can be very painful,also you can fracture your scaphoid which is the small bones under your palm.