How to Break an Apartment Lease in Alabama?

Answer Whether you just hate the apartment you currently have in Alabama or you just got transferred to another city, you may need to break your apartment lease. Typically apartment lease agreements in Al... Read More »

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What happens if i break my apartment lease?

On One Hand: "Constructive Eviction" May Allow You to WalkIf your apartment is not properly maintained and your landlord is to blame, you might perhaps walk away with no penalty. The tenant may be ... Read More »

How to Break an Apartment Lease Due to Mold?

When you have a mold problem in an apartment, it may be unhealthy for you to continue to live there. If you've made the difficult decision to move out to get away from the mold, you must notify you... Read More »

How to Break an Indiana Apartment Lease?

A lease is a contract between tenant and landlord. Most apartment leases are yearly, but some can be for shorter periods of time. The lease is a legally binding agreement that will hold up in an In... Read More »

How to Break an Apartment Lease in New York?

New York law allows landlords to sue tenants who break a lease without cause or without making an agreement with the landlord to vacate the property early. If your landlord gets a judgment against... Read More »