How to Break a Tackle?

Answer Tackling is one of the most important maneuvers in football. Missed tackles can result in significant yardage gains, touchdowns and a shift in momentum for the teams playing. Tackling is so importa... Read More »

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I want to break a bone, for the experience but i don't know which to break or how to break it, any ideas?

How to Tackle?

Tackling happens for all kinds of reasons: trying to get the ball from someone, tackling them because you're mad, or you hate the person you are trying to tackle. But mostly it is used in football,... Read More »

How to Tackle Like a Pro?

Here is how to tackle. It is pretty simple. Just read this and work on it.

How to Take a Tackle?

If you play football, at some point in your career, you are going to get hit pretty hard.