How to Break a Rack in Pool?

Answer The tighter the rack, the better the break.While breaking is a privilege, it also holds the potential for much embarrassment. To ensure that you don't get your name scratched from the blackboard in... Read More »

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How to Power Break an Eight Ball Rack?

Do you play a lot of billiards, but worry about breaking an eight-ball rack? If so, then this will teach you a powerful eight ball break, with the potential for getting you another shot after the b... Read More »

How to Rack a Pool Table?

The correct way to pack the balls in the triangle when you rack a pool table.So you wanna play pool? Here's how to rack a pool table for a standard 8-Ball Game.

How many balls can fit in a pool rack?

A typical rack of balls for a game of eight-ball pool holds the full complement of 15 object balls, with seven solid-colored balls, seven striped balls and the eight-ball. Smaller racks for nine-ba... Read More »

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