How to Break a Couple Up?

Answer Every girl (or guy!) as gone through this. You have a major crush on a really cute guy (or girl!) and there dating someone else! Your heart hurts and you're sad... well those days are over because ... Read More »

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How to Break Up a Couple?

Trying to break up a relationship is a questionable endeavor, but it's certainly not uncommon. There's not much you can do to break up a truly healthy relationship, but if you're intent on giving i... Read More »

How to Break up a Couple (Girls)?

You may have seen a lot of articles on breaking up couples. Some of these are helpful, but maybe you are in a unique position. He says hes in love with you, and talks suggestively. He calls you bab... Read More »

Do these usbs last long or break within couple of days?

It's hard to say if they will last or not,but I would be a quality stick myself if you're wondering.They may last or they may not.Since they are cheap it wouldn't hurt to give one a try I guess.I p... Read More »

What's a good hdmi cable that won't break after unplugging a couple times ?

You should really not be unplugging and replugging HDMI cables. Not just because they break, but over time the HDMI input on your tv gets damaged and won't work at all. Buy an HDMI switch, not sp... Read More »