How to Break Your Cat's Cycle of Xenophobia (Fear of Strangers)?

Answer Sometimes cats that aren't necessarily bothered by changes within the house can react problematically with the arrival of company. The problem may not have been caused by lack of social interaction... Read More »

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How to Overcome Your Fear of Strangers?

There are many trepidations when it comes to interacting with someone that you don't know. Here are a few things that should be thought before making rash judgments.

How to Overcome Fear of Cats?

Are you afraid of cats? Just remember cats are lovely animals, and are lovely to roam around the house purring.

How to Break the Debt Cycle?

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I am in the sugar craving cycle. What is the best way to break it?

Sugar cravings are very rare for me.....usually only with bad PMS.High salt/fat/protein snax like a tonne or two of beef jerky & lots of booze usually sort it out.PS: OOPS - also just realizing we... Read More »