How to Break Up with Your Live-In Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

Answer Breaking up with a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend is much more difficult than ending a standard dating relationship--as well it should be. To do it, you must always remember to think of the other ... Read More »

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How to Break up With Your Live in Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

The hardest thing about breaking up with your live-in girlfriend or boyfriend is the financial obligations you have to one another. Besides splitting the bills, buying furniture together, or sharin... Read More »

How to Convince Someone to Break up With Their Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Everyone has been there. With either a intense desire to protect the person or wanting them for themself, it's time to convince them to break up with their current squeeze.

14 and 11 year old want to live with grandma in california. Mother moved in with boyfriend and the boyfriend is abusive?

You need to get a lawyer and get these kids in the grandmothers house, like now.

If you are 17 and pregnant can your mom place charges on your over 21 boyfriend or am you considered an adult I live on my own and live in Ky.?

Answer Yes, the mom can file charges and have the boyfriend arrested. He could be charged with rape of a minor, and have the title 'sex offender' on his head the rest of this life. You are 17 - yo... Read More »