How to Break Up and Live Together?

Answer In a situation that requires the two of you to remain together due to rent it is very hard to break up. It is virtually impossible if there are still strong feelings on either side.

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Can you choose which parent you want to live with at the age of 15 if your parents are not divoriced but do not live together?

Under these circumstances, where no orders are in place, the parents are considered to have joint physical custody. Though the child has not clear choice that is enforced by the laws, they do have ... Read More »

Did Cody and bailey get back together in break up in Paris?

No, but in the 10th episode of the season, in "Play's the thing", Cody realizes that he loves Bailey and that he's just as much to blame for the break-up as she is. They are officially going to get... Read More »

Your girlfriend and you live together and have a renters insurance policy together for your belongings She has a separate policy for her own belongings Could you get one for yourself on your belonging?

How to Live Together Before Marriage?

Your'e about to take the big step of living with him/her and sharing space. We all know that's what comes before marriage, but it can be very rough....