How to Break Up Lumps in Stored Powdered Food?

Answer Before you resort to throwing out your lumpy powdered foods such as cocoa, sugar, custard powder, dried milk, packet meals, icing sugar etc., consider this easy method to restore your food quickly.

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What temperature should food be stored at in a refrigerator to chill food properly?

Between 1 to 5 degrees C, to hold food at a warm temperature you want it to be over 60C.

How do I use powdered food coloring?

Just add the powder to the batter. Powder food coloring is fine, it's purpose is to not mess with the consistency of some recipes like macaroons. Also, may I mention the color pigmentation is stron... Read More »

Dog food in stored clothes! Do I have mice?

Are you going to come out of that closet or do I need to turn my light on for you?

How long can dehydrated food be stored?

Foods that are properly dehydrated and stored have a shelf life of one year for best results. Some foods are capable of lasting three or more years, but the quality is greatly reduced during this t... Read More »