How to Break Up Clay Ground?

Answer For gardeners, clay ground is a rich source of nutrients for plants. The problem with clay soil is that it can be extremely dense. This makes it difficult for water to reach the depths of the soil,... Read More »

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Ground Cover Plants for Clay Soil?

Few groundcover plants outside the sumac family will tolerate clay soils, according to Mary H. Meyer and Michael E. Zins of the University of Minnesota. Successful groundcover necessitates the use ... Read More »

How do I break down clay soil?

Break down clay content by amending the soil with added composted material spread over the clay and tilling it in to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. Determining how much compost to use can be done by che... Read More »

Can gypsum be used to break up clay soil?

If hard clay soil makes it difficult to garden, gypsum is the answer. According to, adding gypsum to garden soil will not produce results overnight. However, with repeated application... Read More »

How do I break up clay soil for gardening?

TillingDig moist soil with a spading fork or rototiller. Break up large clods with a spading fork or shovel. Leave remaining clods out to dry and crumble. Wet these clods lightly and rake them into... Read More »