How to Break Loose a Frozen Air Brake?

Answer Air lines in heavy trucks can build up moisture as the system operates and in colder climates it is possible for this moisture to freeze, causing malfunctions in the operation and efficiency of you... Read More »

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How to Break a Bolt Loose?

We have all seen or experienced it: That stuck bolt that refuses to move when we apply normal or excessive pressure on it with a wrench. Bolts freeze up and jam for various reasons. Corrosion and r... Read More »

Tips to Break Loose an Oil Filter?

When performing vehicle maintenance at home, one of the most frustrating things to encounter is an oil filter that will not unscrew from its base. Given the oil filter's often cramped position on t... Read More »

How to Break Loose Bolts of Rear Differential?

This article will explain how to break loose the bolts on a rear differential cover. When changing your rear differential fluid, this will be the next step after removing the fill plug.

How to Break a Wheel Stud Mount Loose?

You're on the road, making excellent time and, without warning, you hear a loud "Pop" and your car leans to one side. Blown tire. Changing out the tire exposes the wheel stud mount, which is what t... Read More »