How to Break Glass With Your Voice?

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How to Break a Glass with Your Voice?

The image of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald shattering a glass with her voice was seared into America's collective consciousness thanks to a TV commercial aired by audiotape manufacturer Memorex in th... Read More »

Is it Possible to break a glass with sounds........while only using the speakers from your computer?

depends on the decibels of your computer speakers. Mythbusters proved you can do it with the human voice (amplified), so yes, it can be done with sound. A laptop, probably not. Some good desktop... Read More »

How to Control Your PC With Your Voice Using WSR Macros?

You've been talking to (or screaming at) your Windows PC for years, but unless you were willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on pricey software, chances are it wasn't listening to a word you we... Read More »

Garmin gps, can i change the voice like with the tom tom gps there are celebrity voice to download?

Yes you can change the voice on a Garmin GPS navigation unit.You can find a tutorial at…