How to Break Cast Iron Tubs?

Answer Older household tubs are commonly made of cast iron, a heavy, thick iron material. Compared to modern tubs, cast iron tubs are difficult to remove when you are remodeling the bathroom and want to r... Read More »

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How heavy are cast iron tubs?

According to American Standard, the Spectra cast iron bathtub weighs 430 pounds empty. Other cast iron tubs, such as those found at, weigh between 270 and 390 pounds, depending on t... Read More »

How do I clean cast iron tubs?

Use Liquid DetergentMix one tablespoon of liquid dish-washing detergent with one gallon of hot tap water. Stop up your tub. Pour this mixture into your tub and rub your tub with a soft washcloth. W... Read More »

Who made cast iron tubs?

Cast iron tubs were first made in the Victorian era and have recently become popular again because of their durability. They are now made by a variety of popular plumbing manufacturers, such as Ame... Read More »

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