How to Branch a Mine in "Minecraft"?

Answer At some point in "Minecraft," digging deep underground to find resources becomes a necessity. Digging in random directions, sometimes called drifting or spelunking, is not very effective. Strip min... Read More »

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How to Mine in Minecraft?

Many players will mine in random ways, and it isn't efficient. Digging one long tunnel exposes very little ore, and quarrying wastes a lot of pickaxes. But this article shows the best way.

How to Mine for Diamonds in Minecraft?

Want to mine those diamonds in Minecraft? This article will help you.

Why Can I Mine Dimonds In Minecraft?

You need a iron, gold, or diamond pickaxe. You can still break the diamond block with a stone or wooden pickaxe (which would take a long time) but you will NOT get the diamonds out of it.

How to Find and Mine Diamonds Fast on Minecraft?

Diamonds are the best raw ore on Minecraft. Diamond tools take the longest time to wear out and are the second fastest tools behind gold but gold is the fastest to wear out. This article will show ... Read More »