How to Brake Smoothly?

Answer You can easily become lazy or absentminded when driving a car. Contemporary cars and trucks typically have antilock breaking systems (ABS). This technology has greatly enhanced automobile safety; a... Read More »

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Is 6GB of RAM more than enough to run PCSX2 smoothly?

2Gb is more then enough for pcsx2.To run pcsx2 smoothly you need a 3.0ghz+ cpu (isnt happening on a laptop)emulation takes ALOT of cpu cycles. pcsx2 and dolphin (GC/Wii) need an ungodly amount of c... Read More »

How to Pan Smoothly with Your Camcorder?

Many people have trouble panning with their camcorder over a scenery. There is a little trick that helps absorb the "jerkiness" of a pan.

How to Go Through a Pregnancy Smoothly?

A timeline of pregnancyCongratulations! You've now stepped from preconception to pregnancy. The next 38 to 40 weeks may be a challenge, but producing a healthy baby at the end is well worth it. Hav... Read More »

How to Take a Shower Smoothly?

Showers are something that need to be taken seriously as a manner of preserving hygiene. It might seem obvious, but these steps can make your shower a more pleasant experience.