How to Braid a Ficus Tree?

Answer Ficus is an attractive indoor plant with graceful branches, pale grey bark and glossy green foliage. Braiding the trunks of three young ficus seedlings together creates a look that makes the attrac... Read More »

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How to Separate a Ficus Tree From the Main Tree?

There are more than 700 species of ficus. Perhaps the most well-known of these are the fig tree and the smaller ficus species, such as ficus benjamina, which grow well indoors. One of the more inte... Read More »

How to Repot a Ficus Tree?

20 years oldFicus trees grow successfully indoors, but only if you give them enough room. Repotting them every few years will keep them healthy. Here's how to make the transition as easy as possibl... Read More »

Ficus Tree Identification?

There are over 800 species of trees in the Ficus genus. While most of these are trees, others are vines or shrubs. Popular as houseplants, these trees can withstand a lot of pruning and can be sh... Read More »

How do I care for ficus tree?

Place your ficus near a curtained southern window. Ficus are adaptable and can survive in various types of light, but they prefer bright, filtered light. Ficus like consistency and should not be mo... Read More »