How to Braid Your Hair Across Your Head?

Answer Love the hairstyle of a braid across your face? Keep reading!

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How to Braid Hair on the Top of the Head?

Braid hair on the top of your head in a French braid or cornrow fashion. Top braids usually run horizontally across the face from one ear to the other, but you can also create multiple braids from ... Read More »

How to Put a Hair Braid Up Around the Head?

"Heidi braids" get their name from Johanna Spyri's story, "Heidi," about a girl from the Swiss Alps. There are many depictions of Heidi wearing braids like a crown around her head. They are popular... Read More »

How Do I French Braid My Hair Across the Top of My Head?

The art of French braiding enables you to create a variety of different hairstyles. If you have medium-length or longer hair, experiment with different French braid styles that incorporate all or a... Read More »

How to French Braid Your Hair to Your Head?

Hairstyles come and go and come back again in a number of ways; the French braid is one that is always in style because it works so well on so many people. The look can be professional for the offi... Read More »