How to Braid Tightly?

Answer Braiding is a technique used on hair that dates back centuries. Not only do the braids keep your hair out of your face, but they provide an elegant look. Although tighter braids are more appealing,... Read More »

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How can you tell if your house is sealed to tightly?

Answer stained ceilings from sweat, and also mold and odor.

What do you see when you shut your eyes tightly and press on them?

The light recepters in the retina or the back of the eye also react to pressure along with light. Our brain then tries to interpret the signal it is getting from the eyes.Pressing on the eyeballs a... Read More »

How to Keep Tightly Curly Hair From Matting at Night?

For some people, having tight curly hair is a godsend; for others, it is a curse. Wiry or spiral curls are attractive but they also tangle very easily. This leads to hair breaking off. During the n... Read More »

How to Make Tightly Curled Hair Be Wavy?

The girl with stick-straight hair would love to have romantic spiraling curls, while the girl with tight natural curls would give anything for soft waves. Fortunately, through a wealth of hair-care... Read More »