How to Braid Lanyards With Paracord?

Answer Paracord is a cord originally made for parachutes. Made of braided threads encased in nylon, this strong cord can support weights of up to 550 pounds, according to Dr. James Hall in "35 Items For Y... Read More »

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How to Braid a Wide-Weave Paracord?

Parachute cord is a survival tool used by outdoor enthusiasts as a precaution in the event that a stay in the wild is extended beyond initial plans. Rather than carry loose spools in a pack, paraco... Read More »

How to Braid 550 Cord Lanyards?

Parachute cord, paracord and 550 cord are the same kind of cord---the cord just has several names. This cord features a thick, strong fibrous center with a woven nylon covering. It is used to secur... Read More »

How to Do a Paracord Square Weave Braid Rope?

Paracord rope combines multiple pieces of parachute cord together with a braid to form a single rope. As each strand of cord is rated to support between 450 and 550 pounds (in cords called 450 cord... Read More »

How to Tie a Paracord on a Boonie Hat?

Hikers and outdoor explorers often carry coils of paracord. This light, strong cord is good for securing shelters against the elements, tying your food in trees away from predators, and creating ma... Read More »