How to Braid Daffodil Foliage?

Answer After blooming, daffodils are sometimes considered an eyesore in the garden. These eyesores though, are busy at work absorbing and converting sunlight into energy, which they store in their bulbs f... Read More »

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How to Force Daffodil Bulbs?

Daffodils are hardy flowers that normally bloom in spring, but can be "forced" to bloom prior to their usual season. Daffodil bulbs are forced by simulating their natural growing environment. Daffo... Read More »

How to Remove Daffodil Bulbs?

Daffodils naturalize in an area over a period of years, overtaking beds and field areas where they are planted. If your garden plan changes or if the daffodils become overgrown and a nuisance, it m... Read More »

How to Bake a Daffodil Cake?

While this is a glazed Angel Food cake, the Daffodil Cake will look much like this cake, except it will have yellow and white batter marbled throughout. This is a very pretty cake and an excellent ... Read More »

How do I save daffodil bulbs?

Recovering BulbsDig daffodil bulbs out of the ground after the stems and leaves have turned yellow and brown. Cut the stem at the soil surface line. Use a small shovel or trowel to loosen the soil ... Read More »