How to Braid Cornrolls With Extensions?

Answer Cornrows are a popular hairstyle due to their low maintenance and simple upkeep. Cornrows with extensions can be done on all types of hair and hair lengths; extension cornrow styles will vary depen... Read More »

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How to Braid Dreadlocks Into Cornrolls?

Have you ever wonder how that hair style was accomplished? This article will inform you on how to braid dreads into corn rolls.

How to Add Hair Extensions With a Braid?

Adding hair extensions to braids increases their length and extends the duration of time they can be worn. With proper care, braids can look good for up to three months. Extensions are added using ... Read More »

How to French Braid With Extensions?

Hair extensions give length to short hair or volume to thin hair. There are a variety of hair extensions: clip-ins, glued in or beaded. Regardless of the kind of hair extensions you have, French br... Read More »

How to Learn How to Braid With Extensions?

Hair braiding with extensions is skill that is usually handed down from mother to daughter in many African-American and African immigrant communities. Braiding with extensions is common in many com... Read More »