How to Boycott Banks?

Answer According to the pro-credit union site A Smarter, credit unions are a better choice because when compared to banks, they usually have better rates, lower fees and higher satisfaction rat... Read More »

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Boycott on Switzerland?

Ha ha, for goodness sake, the Swiss are known for their banks and for the 'goods' they keep since the second world war (where nobody came to claim them because most probably dead) that increased th... Read More »

Why do banks loan money to other banks?

Banks loan money to other banks to maximize returns on excess funds and to comply with reserve requirements imposed by the government. Since banks try to maximize the return on all deposits, lendin... Read More »

Is it time to boycott the trains in the UK........?

Completely agree!! In my car I choose the departure time, temperature, music and fellow passengers.For all those who say trains are quicker and refer to traffic jams, true, but the above mentioned... Read More »

How can you boycott reality TV shows? . This is the website where people filled for petition with esignatures in order to have the kardashians tv show off the air.