How to Bowl Fast in Cricket?

Answer Bowling fast is a handy but no vital skill to have in cricket. with these few easy steps you should be bowling at least an added 1/3 of your normal bowling speed.

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How to Bowl in Cricket?

Learning how to play cricket is just as up there as learning how to fish and having a knowledge of the Morse Code.

How to Bowl an Outswinger in Cricket?

This is the art of out-swing in cricket. It has baffled and ousted even the greatest batsmen and is one of the best attacking deliveries to bowl in cricket.

How to Bowl Spin in Cricket?

Cricket is no doubt one of the best sports. This article will teach you how to bowl off spin.

How to Bowl a Doosra in Backyard Cricket?

doosra stepsA Doosra is actually an off spinner's version of the googly, unlike a normal off-spin this one will turn from leg to off for a right handed batsman.