How to Bounce Really High on a Trampoline?

Answer A neat trampoline trick if you have more than one person.

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Really high high blood pressure ..and only 21?

Well at your age it can be Caorctation of Aorta, but your case is a complicated one. So your cardiologist is the best judge.

Its weird but sometimes my ears pick up high frequency, i just hear really high pitched sound.Is this normal!?

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There is a website that tells you all the effects from many drugs, plants etc... nutmeg is in there, just do a search.It also has experiences from people.

Is 150 u/l alkaline phosphatase really high?

Because you are stating that all your other liver enzymes were in the normal range, it could just mean that you have beginning stage of osteoporosis in which you would need to supplement with somet... Read More »