How to Bottle-Raise Kittens?

Answer Ideally, a mother cat should feed her newborn kittens. However, situations arise where the mother is unable to provide for her babies. It's not unusual for orphaned kittens to find themselves alone... Read More »

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Is a smaller bottle of Gatorade more concentrated than a bigger bottle?

Flavored sparkling water in glass bottle brand in the UK. bottle was about 7 to 8 inches tall thin at the top?

Most supermarkets sell flavoured water, go and have a look

I put some hot water in a plastic bottle and my bottle shrank is there anyway that I could I shrink it?

What has happened is that your bottle has collapsed, because your putting hot liquid in it and then putting on a lid created a vacuum. This has been demonstrated millions of times in junior high sc... Read More »

What is the pink soda called it's in a glass bottle, like a coco cola one bottle?

Do you mean Cream Soda? I have seen both clear and pink cream soda.