How to Bottle Lotion?

Answer Whether you make lotion from a kit or find a good recipe that uses natural ingredients, creating your own natural moisturizer will be rewarding to your skin, your budget and the environment. You wi... Read More »

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If a bottle of Sun-Tan Lotion says, "External Use only," what does that mean?

it means drinking it won't protect you from a sunburn, its a common sense thing to most people but some idiot probabally sued the company because they tried it, like the "dont use in the shower tag... Read More »

What is the name of the first ship used on the Old Spice aftershave lotion bottle?

Old Spice aftershave is a staple in many drugstores. The aftershave bottles have a distinctive picture of a ship on them. The original Old Spice ship was in the Grand Turk, a merchant ship in the U... Read More »

What is the pink soda called it's in a glass bottle, like a coco cola one bottle?

Do you mean Cream Soda? I have seen both clear and pink cream soda.

Flavored sparkling water in glass bottle brand in the UK. bottle was about 7 to 8 inches tall thin at the top?

Most supermarkets sell flavoured water, go and have a look