How to Borrow When Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Answer A mixed number has a whole number and a fraction. A fraction is a number that is less than whole and that has a denominator underneath a numerator. To add or subtract mixed numbers, add or subtract... Read More »

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Games for Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Many teachers consider fractions to be one of the most important topics of elementary math. For most students, fractions can be complicating and difficult to learn. Games and different interactive ... Read More »

Ideas for Adding & Subtracting Fractions?

Fractions are easier to multiply and divide than add and subtract. Multiplying fractions is like multiplying integers, division is just flipping one fraction and then multiplying. Addition and subt... Read More »

How to Teach Your Kid Adding and Subtracting?

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Adding and Subtracting Polynomials?

Knowing how to add and subtract polynomials can make the difference between a high grade in your pre-calculus course and losing a big chuck of the course's possible points. Polynomials are an equat... Read More »