How to Bore Sight a Scope?

Answer How to "bore sight" a rifle scope.

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How to Sight in a Scope With a Laser Bore Sighter?

Using a laser boresighter to sight in your scope is quick, safe and inexpensive. Laser boresighters allow you to sight in your rifle without having to fire it. The boresighters are available in tw... Read More »

How to Bore Sight a Shotgun?

Hunting requires a precise shot every time, so sighting your shotgun properly is a major key to a successful trip. Bore sighting a shotgun is a more refined method of sighting, because it employs t... Read More »

How to Bore Sight a Pistol?

Generally, bore sighting a handgun is impractical and is not a common practice. Handguns are close range weapons and are not typically equipped with optics. However, handguns used for hunting (us... Read More »

How to Laser Bore Sight a Rifle?

Laser bore sighters offer an inexpensive, safe and expedient method of sighting in your rifle. The devices come in two styles: bullet shaped devices that are placed directly into the rifles chamber... Read More »