How to Boot a Floppy Image Using the Grub Bootloader?

Answer Say you want/need to boot your computer from a floppy, but your computer has no floppy drive. You can boot your computer from a floppy disk image if you have the GRUB bootloader installed (found on... Read More »

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How to Uninstall the Grub Bootloader from a Dual Boot XP System With an XP CD?

In many tutorials, it seems necessary to obtain a Windows 98 resource floppy disk in order to do this, but for those who own laptops can follow the alternative method as listed below.

How to Make a Grub Boot From a CD?

The Grub boot loader is the first step in a Unix-type operating system start-up. Used primarily when booting Linux, Grub can be compared to Microsoft's DOS as a non-graphical user shell. If you hav... Read More »

How do I change the Grub boot menu order?

Open a TerminalClick "Applications," click "Accessories" or "System Tools," depending on your Linux distribution, and click "Terminal." Type "cd /etc/grub.d/" into the Terminal window, and press "E... Read More »

How do I make a boot cd from a boot floppy?

CopyGo to the Start menu. Right click on the menu, and choose "Open Windows Explorer" or "Explore" in Windows XP. Insert the boot floppy in the floppy drive. Copy the files from the floppy disk int... Read More »