How to Boot Into a Text Mode With a Live CD?

Answer If you have a problem with your computer, hardware or, alternatively, want to test a new feature, such as an operating system, you can use a live CD. Live CDs are discs from which you can boot up y... Read More »

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How to boot my computer into safe mode when f8 doesn't work Please help!!?

You don't wanna press/hold F8.. you wanna repeatedly tap F8 once it turns on and you should see the menu. In safe mode, you'll obviously want to set your resolution to something smaller. 1024x768 i... Read More »

When do you switch to Build Mode Buy Mode and Live Mode?

on your tool box there should be the options you can change it anytime. U should detail your question a little more.

How to translate picture with foreign text in Word into editable/ translatable text?

Please try Japanese OCR., clip the image so that only a single sentence you'd like to translate is included without border, background-image, nor any noises, sa... Read More »

How to Boot a Computer With Live CDs in Puppy Linux?

Puppy Linux is a small Linux distribution that can reside completely in the computer's memory. You do not have to install the operating system onto your computer's hard drive. You can boot into t... Read More »