How to Boot From a Mirror Disk?

Answer Do you need to boot to a hard drive that contains the backup of your system disk? You can boot from a different disk inside your computer or from an external USB hard drive with a Windows or a Mac ... Read More »

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How to Boot a T400 from a Boot Disk?

The ThinkPad T400 is a laptop computer designed by Lenovo, which is a subsidiary of IBM. A "boot disk" is a type of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that you can use to boot your computer instead of your normal h... Read More »

My PC Won't Boot From a Disk?

When a computer first starts up, it will usually boot from the master hard drive by default. However, there may be times when you need your computer to boot from a disk in the disk drive instead. T... Read More »

How to Repair XP From a Boot Disk?

Repairing your Windows XP installation from a Windows XP bootable disc is necessary when your computer's operating system is so corrupt as to preclude launching the operating system files on your h... Read More »

How to Boot an iMac From a Disk?

If your iMac is experiencing hard drive problems, it may be necessary to boot the iMac from the installation disk in order to use the disk diagnostic utility or to reinstall the operating system. Y... Read More »