How to Boost Someone Else's WiFi?

Answer Public Wi-Fi has many advantages, such as free access, but also one downside: Lack of router access. Some public wireless Internet hotspots use a cheap router that provides a poor signal, and witho... Read More »

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Is it illegal to connect to someone elses wifi?

It's a crime to hack someone's encryption - that's an unauthorized use of a network.If someone leaves their network wide open, that creates an implication that they don't mind other people using it... Read More »

How do i boost a wifi signal at home?

Router PlacementPurchase an extended range wireless router. Position the router in or near the center of your dwelling. Microsoft recommends a central location to ensure strong signal reception thr... Read More »

How do I boost WiFi router signal?

Router PlacementMove your wireless router to a central location away from obstructions and large metallic objects. The closer your router is to the computers that connect to it the better.Use a Dif... Read More »

Will a USB WiFi adapter on an extension boost the signal?

USB extension cables are made up of several smaller, twisted wires. These are protected by a special shielding, which prevents the cable from acting like an antenna. In and of itself, using a USB e... Read More »