How to Boost MacBook Pro Audio Volume on Mac OS X?

Answer When you are listening to audio through the built-in speakers or headphones plugged into your MacBook Pro, a laptop computer made by Apple, you might need to boost the volume. For example, you migh... Read More »

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How to Make a MP3 File Volume Boost?

Sometimes the volume on an MP3 music file you're listening to will be just too soft for you to hear it properly. If this happens, you can use native controls in Windows to boost the volume of the M... Read More »

How to Boost MP3 Volume on a Samsung I637?

The Samsung SGH-i637 phone, also known as the Samsung Jack, is an AT&T smartphone that comes loaded with the Windows Mobile operating system. As with most cell phones, the i637 is capable of downlo... Read More »

Is it possible to boost the volume of Voice Control messages on iPhone 3GS?

When in the voice control mode (blue screen), you can make the volume higher with the volume rocker switch on the side of the phone. The voice control volume is separate from the rest of the system... Read More »

How do i select audio input on macbook pro?

Open the "Apple" menu on your MacBook Pro and select "System Preferences." Click on the "Sound" tab in the "Hardware" category. Click on the "Input" tab. Select the audio input device from the men... Read More »