How to Boost 3G iPhone Reception With Turbo SIM Cards?

Answer A turbo SIM card is designed to be used with your cell phone in order to unlock the unit or boost the wireless signal. This card is different from many others because you don't need to run any soft... Read More »

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Can anything be done to boost at and t reception on an iPhone 3G in and around mountains of los angeles?

the HD 2 is much more better than the Hero, the full compare below will tell you why

How do I boost reception of a radio?

Acquire an active AM radio antenna to amplify the signal for the channel you choose. The antenna will also bring in interference or noise, so you need to relocate your radio away from electrical eq... Read More »

How Do I Boost Wireless Reception?

Check your batteryCheck your battery. Mobile cell phones tend to loose signal reception when the battery is running low. Cell phones might have enough power to make calls, but not enough power to s... Read More »

How Can I Boost the Range of Reception for Wireless Internet?

Setting up a wireless network at home can be a tricky proposition. Although wireless networking hardware has come a long way in streamlining the initial setup process for the end-user, dealing with... Read More »