How to Bookmark and Follow a Thread in a Vanilla Forum?

Answer Just click the starBookmarking a thread in a vanilla forum will allow you to receive notifications each time it is updated.

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How to Move a Thread in a phpBB Forum?

Sometimes, you, or another user, might put a thread in the wrong place in your forum. It is very easy for you to move it, if you have administrator permissions. Here is how.

How to Put a Photo on a Vanilla Forum?

If you are inserting an image into a Vanilla forum, you can't use the old tricks you mastered on ancient PHPbb forums. Fortunately, using Vanilla is easier.

What's the difference between vanilla, french vanilla, and vanilla bean?

French Vanilla ice cream has more egg and generally a higher butter fat content (which makes it richer and creamier) than regular vanilla ice cream.Vanilla Bean ice cream has bits of vanilla bean a... Read More »

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