How to Book a Seat on an Airplane?

Answer Booking a seat on a airplane is fairly simple. But for you first-timers here is how to get one.

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Has anyone found their car seat did not fit in an airplane seat?

Car seats vs. airline seats I do not know of any FAA approved (i.e The Britax Regent will not fit nor is it FAA approved) car seat that will not fit an airline seat. However, a good tip I've learne... Read More »

Do you need the car seat base for an airplane?

The Federal Aviation Administration does not require the use of car seats on commercial airplanes. However, the FAA does recommend the use of a child restraint device. The child restraint device mu... Read More »

How to Get a Good Seat on an Airplane?

A nine hour transatlantic flight should be as pleasant as possible, but it may not be if you find yourself sitting in a poor seat next to the lavatory, unable to recline properly, being bumped by a... Read More »

How long is an airplane seat belt?

Seat belts on airplanes are about 47 to 50 inches long and are adjustable to shorter lengths. Before you fly, contact your airline to find out about its seat belt length and rules on using a seat b... Read More »