How to Book Open Tickets?

Answer When it comes to travel, sometimes flexibility is key. Being able to change your travel plans at a moments notice allows for more spontaneity in your journey. Open or open-ended airline tickets, ti... Read More »

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What is a book of tickets called?

A book of tickets is called a ticket book. The phrase "a book of tickets" is also used. The term is used when buying several tickets or tickets that are sold by the book. There are no other terms u... Read More »

What is the best day to book airline tickets?

Since airlines apply air fare discounts on Monday night, the best time to book a ticket would be on Tuesday or Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, any discounts may have expired.References:The Wall ... Read More »

Easiest Way to Book Airline Tickets?

Ways to book airline tickets seem endless, from travel agents to Internet sites and even calling the airlines directly. But one thing is certain when the time comes to purchase: convenience and sav... Read More »

How to Book Cheap Eurostar Tickets?

Eurostar High Speed International TrainEurostar deals take you by high speed train from London to Paris which is ideal for short breaks but it can cost more than the air fare. Following are tips fo... Read More »