How to Boneless 180 Fingerflip to Indie?

Answer A 180 fingerflip boneless is a footplant in which you hold the board like an indie, and push off the ground in a 180 jump then land and ride away.

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How are boneless chicken wings boneless?

Yes, the butcher takes out the bones, but the bones add flavor, for some recipes, also great to cook are the boneless thighs, lots of fun ways to cook them, one way is saute or bake with Italian dr... Read More »

How to Tailstop Fingerflip?

The tailstop fingerflip is a very basic freestyle skateboarding move. It is the starting point for many freestyle skateboarding moves.

How to Do a Fingerflip on a Tech Deck?

A fingerflip on a tech deck is a thrill. Try it out and see how much fun you can have mastering this technique!

How to Perform a Beanplant Double Fingerflip on a Skateboard?

It's hardly a no comply and it's hardly a kickflip. This trick teaches you commitment in landing flip tricks while still being a total wuss. Have fun.