How to Bondo Fiberglass Mat and Resin for a Body Repair?

Answer Careful bodywork is required to properly prepare body panels for painting. Bodywork repairs sheet metal and removes all traces of rust. Bondo fiberglass putty is useful for filling in small dings a... Read More »

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How to Use Fiberglass Resin for Body Repair?

Fiberglass is commonly used to repair damage on car bodies. It is a very durable material that will bond to metal, wood, Styrofoam, and many other materials. Generally, fiberglass is applied in lay... Read More »

How to Use Bondo Resin Without Fiberglass?

Bondo is a brand name for resin used to fix cars. The resin is mixed with another chemical called a hardener, and the mix is applied to fiberglass over problems in the outside body of the car, such... Read More »

Instructions for Bondo Fiberglass Resin?

Painting a metal or fiberglass surface, like those found in an auto body, often requires that you deal with flaws in that surface. Dealing with light scratches or gentle rises and falls in the surf... Read More »

Is Bondo fiberglass resin waxed or unwaxed?

Bondoâ„¢ fiberglass resin for repairs, when dry, needs protection from UV rays' degradation. A barrier of any paint will seal the repair. To wax or not depends on the desired finish, shiny or matte.