How to Bond With a Feral Kitten?

Answer A Silver TabbyKittens can be left lying around in the streets, born in your yard, or handed by neighbors. Some are friendly, while some are feral. You happen to have a liking for that kitten but ca... Read More »

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How to Bond With Your Kitten?

D]Do not take it outdoors!Are you having trouble bonding with your new kitten? This animal will be a part of your family for years to come and bonding is the first step to a positive relationship.

How to Catch a Stray Feral Cat/Kitten?

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How to Earn the Trust of a Feral Kitten?

Want to befriend a feral kitten? It is hard and takes a long time but the reward is totally worth it. Warning: Extremely detailed!

How to Cure a Feral Cat With Upper Respiratory Problems?

Unlike many wild animals, feral cats are often fed by homeowners or cat owners who are concerned about the animals. When feeding feral cats, the humans feeding the cat might notice that the cat is... Read More »