How to Boil Water in a Piece of Paper?

Answer Here's how to boil water in a jungle or at a picnic when you aren't carrying utensils with you.You just need a piece of paper and a small burner or a stove.

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Science Experiment: How to Boil Water in a Paper Cup?

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When I boil a piece of frozen chicken, it foams up. Any idea why is that?

Does this with pork also,Its a type of proteins being boiled off and separating from the meat. Fat.

Does salt water or pure water boil the fastest?

Pure water boils faster. The presence of a salt lowers the vapor pressure of salt water compared with pure water, so more heat energy is required to vaporize its molecules.References:Sciencebase: S... Read More »

Can I use a pot to cook food after I've used it to boil shredded paper that had ink on it?

In my honest opinion ... I wouldn't use the pot to cook food in ever again. For one .. you don't know 100% for sure that you've cleaned all the toxins out of the pot when you wash it. I'd chock tha... Read More »