How to Boil Artichokes?

Answer The edible part of a French Artichoke is the base of the scales and the bottom of the artichoke. The Jerusalem artichoke is a genuine tuber something like a potato. They are differently treated in ... Read More »

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Is it best to have the stuffing in the turkey when you boil it, or should you boil it separately?

Boil it???You mean you're not supposed to stick a rolling pin up its cavity and eat it frozen like a popsicle?

What Flowers Look Like Artichokes?

There are a few varieties of flowers that look like artichokes, but nothing resembles them more than the Cardoon flower.FeaturesThe Cardoon flower looks like an artichoke, down to its thick, green ... Read More »

How to Cook Artichokes?

The artichoke is a flower that grows mainly in the Mediterranean region and in California. Artichokes require a bit of preparation before they are cooked, but they contain a lot of flavor and many ... Read More »

How to Preserve Artichokes in Oil?

Preserving produce in jars by marinating and cooking it first is a practice that is common throughout most of Southern Italy. Preserving artichokes is especially common in Southern Italy by people ... Read More »