How to Blunt Stall on a Skateboard?

Answer Blunt StallHave you ever thought,"Hey, look at that guy! He's really doing some crazy Blunt Stalls! I wanna try that!" Well, you probably need advice before trying that, because if you bail, it wil... Read More »

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How to Tre Stall on a Skateboard?

This is a trick I invented (along with the Mummy Wrap).

How to 5 0 Stall Kickturn on a Skateboard?

The 5-0 stall kickturn is a stylish trick to learn which looks great when done right.

How to Tail Stall on a Skateboard?

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How to Do an Axle Stall on a Skateboard Ramp?

Ever wanted to pull off that cool trick that all the "experienced" skaters are doing? Well, it's not that hard. Give it a whirl!