How to Blow a Soap Bubble?

Answer Blowing bubbles is really fun and easy! You can buy the solution that is already made or you can make it yourself.

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Will a cold soap bubble burst faster than a warm soap bubble?

Cold soap bubbles last longer than warm soap bubbles. Soap bubbles thin and burst when their water content evaporates. The water content in warm bubbles evaporates faster than the water content in ... Read More »

Will a soap bubble made from a cold temperature bubble solution last longer?

Soap bubbles last longest in a cold solution as opposed to a warm solution because the of the evaporation caused by hotter temperatures. At colder temperatures, the bubbles take much longer to evap... Read More »

How to Blow a Bubble With Gum?

Blowing gum bubbles is a neat way to chew gum. Many people can do it, but it takes some practice and sometimes it does not work.

What's the best bubble gum to blow really big bubbles?

Doubble bubble: 2 pieces that have been chewed for at least 5 min :)