How to Blow a Bubble Backwards?

Answer Here is how you can blow a chewing bubble backwards.

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How to Blow a Bubble With Gum?

Blowing gum bubbles is a neat way to chew gum. Many people can do it, but it takes some practice and sometimes it does not work.

What's the best bubble gum to blow really big bubbles?

Doubble bubble: 2 pieces that have been chewed for at least 5 min :)

How to Blow a Really Large Bubble?

Now here's a tried-and-true way to really wow your friends!

How to Blow a Bubble with Bubblegum?

Blowing bubbles with bubblegum is a favorite pastime for kids and kids-at-heart alike. Blowing bubbles isn't that hard but the challenge increases when you try to blow the biggest bubbles ever! Whe... Read More »